Handbell Masterclass
Nancy Krause, clinician

Saturday, October 5, 2019
10:00 am - 1:00 pm

St. Paul's Lutheran Church
10600 N. Council Road
Oklahoma City

Cost: $10 - Includes three workshop sessions and a box lunch from Jason's Deli.

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Email: cethomas1@prodigy.net
Deadline: Friday, September 27

"Demystifying Handbells and Building Music Literacy Through Participation in a Handbell Choir"

I - Handbells 101   Understanding the terminology, the mechanics, the motion and that which makes handbell ringing a unique and special contribution to your music ministry. Learn what is important and unique to handbell ringing that all ringers should know as well as what to do and what NOT to do in rehearsal for optimal results. Learn how to look at a piece of handbell music and anticipate where problems might occur in the learning as well as how to solve those problems.

II - Hands On!   Any participants who would like to can get behind the handbell table and learn the correct ringing motion, damping, a variety of handbell techniques and some good exercises you can do as a choir to improve ringing ability.

III - Fly on the Wall   Observe a seasoned Handbell Choir in action. Watch an actual rehearsal with the clinician’s Advanced Handbell Choir as they receive a brand-new piece of music and work through it. Workshop participants will be given a copy of the music so they can see what the ringers are seeing. But those copies will be destroyed at the end of the rehearsal and must be turned in. At the end of that time, a piece of music will be performed so you can hear what is possible with a properly rehearsed choir’s preparation.